Certified Malware Removal Specialist

Computers and technology change rapidly, it is important to keep up with the latest in those advancements and changes.  Criminals also evolve their tactics based on successful practices to thwart their crimes.  Malware and virus attacks on our computers are where technology and crime collide. 

Criminals who deal in the malware industry are continually changing their tactics and technology as we find new and better ways to fight them.  Because of this I dedicate time to training and education on the latest developments of the Virus, Trojans and Malware industry in order to be successful in removing them and protecting my customer computers.

I recently completed a new class for such training given by the Virus Doctor.  The Virus Doctor, Ken Dwight, has been in the virus fight business since 1972.  His insights into how a virus works on our computer are great as a foundation to understating how to remove them.  I am proud to say that I am a successful graduate of his Virus Remediation Training Course.

As part of this training I am offering a 25% discount on all virus removal calls for the next 30 days.  If you or someone that you know has a virus or malware that is making their computer slow, give me a call and mention “The Virus Doctor” to qualify.